J.A. Wright: Adventures In Blogging & Tweeting

My first blog adventure is a few tweets from last year. They all read like intros into something I should have finished. It's the 140 digit rule that stopped me.

It took 3 days to write chapter 6 and only 1 second to delete it. The math just doesn't add up.

I suppose I could write something my mother would like - but I don't know much about hydrangeas or bread pudding.

Thing is, I might finish this novel and then have nothing significant to make me crazy anxious all day.

Woke up in that brain space that says eyebrows aren't necessary!

One day I'm gonna write three perfect paragraphs about something really important.

Thing is, writing a memoir requires knowing a few facts and I'm short on those.

She calls herself a Vegetarian and eats tuna. He says he's Vegan but likes butter? They are both addicts who sip the Cab Sav.

What's the difference between a drunk, a problem drinker and an alcoholic? Only one of them is going to meetings.

When the world delivers me a shit sandwich best I remember I probably ordered it.