J.A. Wright grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and moved to New Zealand in 1990 with her young family. She’s been in recovery since 1985 How to Grow an Addict is her debut novel.



"An exceptional book to read! How To Grow An Addict is a must read...Looking forward to many books by J. A. Wright."
Catherine Townsend-Lyon

"This book had me intrigued from the first page to the very last word, I just wished it ended a little different than what it did but overall it was a pretty good book. I loved how J.A. was able to make this book feel like a memoir without being one and in my book to pull that off, that's pretty darn good. Thank You to J.A. Wright for writing a story that makes you to drop everything and read this book in one sitting!"
Holly Flora

"What could have been a depressing read is ultimately hilarious in places, engaging and uplifting. One of the best of 2015."
Jane Gregg


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